Man dies after stabbing outside hospital


A MAN who intervened to break up a fight between a group of local girls outside the Molino del Segura Hospital earlier this week was stabbed to death by the brother of one of the girls.

The deceased, only identified as Juan Carlos, was waiting outside the hospital for his wife, who was accompanying their 12 year old son whilst he received surgery to a broken arm.
A police spokesman talking to the Spanish press explained that investigating officers are still attempting to piece together the exact events of the evening in question.

However, after interviewing witnesses to the incident, they could reveal that a fight broke out, close to the hospital between a group of girls from the social housing development which surrounds.

The victim approached the group of fighting girls in an attempt to mediate and stop the scuffles continuing.

At this point, the assailant, only identified by the police as ‘El Gaucho’, appeared on the scene, threatening one of the women and when Juan Carlos tried to stop him beating her, El Gaucho turned around and stabbed the man four times.

The assailant ran off, leaving the seriously injured man to make his own way back into the hospital on foot, where he was discovered by one of the duty doctors bleeding lightly from his wounds.

Dr Antonio Garcia, who attended the victim explained that the wounded man, entered the emergency area on foot, conscious and oriented, reported to a nurse, who laid him on a stretcher. The nurse called for Dr Garcia to attend the victim, reporting that he had been stabbed: “In less than a minute, he began to lose consciousness, so we thought that not only was there a pulmonary perforation, but that the knife had hit one of the main arteries, with possible internal bleeding, because there was hardly any blood visible externally “ explained the doctor.

Garcia, began to administer CPR to the victim, but was unable to resuscitate the injured man and he died within ten minutes of arriving in the hospital. He called the Police, whose station is adjacent to the hospital and they arrived just before Juan Carlos died.

The cause of death was attributed to a single stab wound to the hematorix area of the back. “His heroism killed him,” proclaimed Dr Garcia.

Eyewitnesses to the incident were able to give police clues to the identity of the aggressor, who was the brother of one of the girls involved in the fight.

The sister came forward too, explaining to officers that she and a group of her friends had picked the fight with another group, following a previous incident between the two groups.

“I got into a fight with some girls, and they beat me up,” said the girl. She explained that she then got in touch with her brother, to tell him what was wrong. “You see that my brother has come, he did not know anything … and all this has happened,” she said.

Police officers arrested the assailant immediately, but given the large volume of statements made yesterday by witnesses, the suspect was not brought before the courts until the evidence could be processed.

The suspect is likely to be transferred within the next few days and will likely be kept in detention.

Close sources explained that the Molina hospital has surveillance cameras, whose recordings have already passed to those responsible for the National Police, in order to serve in the investigation.

Detectives have also recovered the murder weapon, said to be a 15cm kitchen knife, from a rubbish bin near to the scene of the crime.

The victim’s wife was informed of her husband’s death immediately, but his son was not informed until after his surgery was complete and he was in recovery.

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