Marijuana mansion busted in Sucina


THE GUARDIA Civil of Murcia arrested a 30-year-old man earlier this week on drug trafficking charges after busting a house the he had dedicated entirely to the cultivation of marijuana.

Officers seized over 100 marijuana plants from the indoor greenhouse in the Murcian hamlet of Sucina, all at different stages of growth.

The investigation began after officers became aware of that a house in the area could be carrying out criminal activity.

Surveillance closed in on the property and allowed officers to verify the criminal activity. It was also verified that the suspect had rented the house only and exclusively to dedicate it to the cultivation of marijuana.

The greenhouse had been built in the basement of the building and was kitted out with all the necessary elements to ensure optimum growth of marijuana – temperature and humidity sensors, sophisticated ventilation, heating, irrigation and lighting devices and specific fertilizers for this type of crop.

The upper floor of the house was used as a drying room for marijuana and for its manipulation and distribution.

The suspect is a resident of Murcia and has a criminal background. The marijuana seized, and the investigations ordered have been made available to the Murcia Court of Instruction.

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