Millions for most vulnerable


FUENGIROLA’S Council has earmarked around €1.2 million for its Home Help Service, which sees 333 vulnerable locals helped by social workers.

The council has awarded the contract for supplying the home helpers to company Clece, who will provide 79 employees to help the elderly or infirm with personal hygiene and looking after their homes.

Francisco Jose Martin, the town’s Councillor for Social Services, explained, “it is a service that is working very well and is much sought-after; in fact there is a small waiting list. This service gives people their freedom back.”

Tasks include helping the elderly or unwell with their food, clothing, cleaning and general home maintenance of the home, as well as offering them company, support in personal hygiene, supervision outside the home and arranging leisure activities. The service is provided Monday to Friday, and sometimes on Saturdays, and maintains “constant” communication between clients and their social workers.

The company will also offer hairdressing and podiatry services, as well as workshops on sports and computer sciences. They also offer clients QR code bracelets, which workers can scan to access the wearer’s medical history, making staff change over much simpler.

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