Missing girls to get married after dramatic rescue


MARIA JIMENA RICO, a 28-year-old woman from Torrox who went missing in Turkey proposed to her 22-year-old girlfriend, Shaza Ismail, after the two were dramatically rescued by the Spanish authorities.

The girls, who is said to be “in shock”, has returned with her partner from Istanbul, where they had been held for several days

The couple had initially been reported missing a week ago after travelling to Dubai to visit 22-year-old Miss Ismail’s mother, who was supposedly sick.

It turns out the invitation was a ruse though and that Miss Ismail’s family, who are originally from Egypt, wanted her to go to jail for her sexual orientation.

The two women fled to Georgia where they were confronted by Ms Ismail’s father, who tore up their passports and visas. They managed to escape, however, travelling to Turkey.

One there, the two were held by the authorities without access to phones or consular assistance due to their lack of documents.

The Spanish girl’s frantic family alerted the authorities here, after receiving a last voice mail saying her girlfriend’s family were “going to try to kill us.” Spanish diplomats worked to secure their quick release and the pair have now been allowed to leave the middle eastern country and return to Spain.

Ms Jimena Rico now says she wants to wed her partner as soon as possible so she can stay in Spain.

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