Mobile children


18 PER CENT of children aged between six and eight now own their own mobile phone according to research among 2,000 consumers carried out by Peli.

Ownership rises to nearly 20 per cent for children aged between nine and 11 – with over 50 per cent of children over the age of 13 now owning a phone.

‘Parents don’t usually share their mobile devices with kids for speaking to someone,’ says Estefania Fenoy at Peli. ‘Parents loan their smartphones to keep their children occupied. Over 20 per cent of parents in the research said they loaned their phones to their children at restaurants; 18 per cent in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room; and 22 per cent generally when outside the home. Only 29 per cent of respondents said they did not loan their mobile to their children, with the majority passing it out for at least a little while.’

In terms of time, parents allow their children to use their phone for a range of time: time ranges from 49 per cent saying they allow use for one hour a week; 33 per cent up to five hours a week; 10 per cent five to 10 hours a week; 2.5 per cent allow 10-15 hours a week; and 4 per cent allow over 15 hours a week.

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