More workers on the job in Orihuela


ORIHUELA ENVIRONMENT councillors, responsible for services on the coast, Luisa Bone and Juan Ignacio Lopez-Bas, recently visited renewal and maintenance works in various parts of the municipality to assess the time required to complete the project.

During the viewings they revealed that they are anxious to complete the work before the busy summer season arrives and announced a plan to reinforce the workforce currently deployed on the action plan for the parks and gardens of Orihuela Costa.

The extra staff are necessary as the council need to maintain and renew more green areas than they initially assumed and therefore the reinforced workforce will be active at least until the end of May in view of the fact that the summer season will start soon.

Lopez-Bas pointed out that: “Given the state of the coastal parks, it was decided to temporarily employ two groups of personnel from the maintenance department on the coast,” He said, “one group, consisting of four people, will take care of the parks and gardens and the other, also of four people, will carry out repair works.”

Luisa Bone explained that, “ A strengthening of the coastal staff from the environment department was necessary, as we are just before the summer season and Orihuela Costa is gradually getting filled with returning residents and tourists.”

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