New Benidorm health centre a step nearer


BENIDORM MAYOR Toni Perez confirmed to the Spanish press this week that a detailed plan for the proposed new health facility planned for the Rincon de Loix area of the city were lodged with the Valencia Regional Government at the end of April.

He was speaking to contradict a statement from Villajoyosa councillor of Health, Carmen Stack, who had suggested that Benidorm City council had not yet allocated a piece of land for the project.

Perez explained, they are now awaiting instructions regarding the type of facility the regional government wants in the city, so that plans can be drawn to make plans for the bulding to fit onto the earmarked plot.

The offer on the Detailed Study was submitted in writing to Valencia on April 28 with the fourth technical report confirming that the given plot is suitable to house a health centre.
On May 3 copies of all the health authority documentation was delivered, and sent onto all groups of the corporation in an information commission on May 8.

Perez insisted that “we are working closely with the Ministry” and stressed that “As we did with the change of license the works of IES Pere Mª Orts i Bosch, now our technicians are prioritising all technical documentation necessary for the health centre construction to the regional government “.

Whilst discussing the condition of the existing health centre in the Rincon de Loix area, which was badly damaged in the January storms, he told reporters that they were still awaiting a decision from regional government confirming whether they will receive funding towards the repair work.

The city council have put aside 45,000 euros from the 2017 budget as a contribution to the work, but as responsibility for health in the city, falls within the regional governments remit, they are waiting for them to confirm a figure, before work can start on the repairs.

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