Ocean Clinic surgeons ‘give back’ in Kenya


OCEAN CLINIC Marbella recently collaborated with two local charitable organisations to carry out life-changing surgery on 25 children and adults in Kenya in April.

The clinic sent a team of six medical staff, led by Head Surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye, as part of its on-going mission to ‘give back’.

Dr. Kaye said – ‘it is necessary to give back and I have the skills and means to do so. At some point in life you have to put things in perspective and ask yourself if you can plant your own little grassroots to help, even on a small scale.’

‘I can change lives in Kenya and have much more impact than I can here in Spain, where nobody lacks basic medical services or care. I call it part of our social responsibility.’

The five-day Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Camp, follows a similar mission organised in Lamu, Kenya last year and a trip to Peru in 2013.

This year, the team assessed 70 patients with medical conditions ranging from congenital malformations, tumours, burns and scars. They successfully treated a total of 45 patients, with 25 surgeries carried out.

Dr. Kaye added – ‘one of the highlights of this year’s camp was giving back extended leg mobility to a young girl called Maryam, who had a contracted knee after a burn. Now she will get physiotherapy and may have a chance of learning to walk again.’

The camp was made possible thanks to support from several partners and supporters, including two local Spanish organisations working in Lamu; Anidan, which runs a shelter for orphans and abandoned children, and Foundation Pablo Horstman, which operates a hospital and two preschools.

Dr. Kaye extended his greatest thanks to all those who donated to the mission, including Ms. Gisela Steinhoff and her husband for their generous donation of €1,000.

Ocean Clinic intends to run the camp again next Easter. People can support the 2018 campaign through financial donations, providing medical equipment and/ or personal involvement. Please contact [email protected]t for more information.

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