Guardia Civil officers rescue five hikers


FIVE HIKERS have been rescued by the Guardia Civil in two separate incidents in the Serrania de Ronda.

The first incident involved a family of four who became lost for several hours while climbing in the area of Pujerra, Cartajima and Juzcar.

Officers made contact with the family, who had two children with them, asking them to send a GPS location using a mobile phone app.

Police were immediately dispatched to the area, finding the four within an hour. Both the adults and children were said to be well, although tired, and police gave them a lift back to their accommodation in Pujerra.

Another hiker, a 67-year-old man, was also rescued in Sierra de Montalate, after injuring his leg. The man’s walking companions phoned the authorities after the man caught his leg in a crevice, injuring his ankle and sustaining cuts and bruises.

Officers located the group within minutes and transferred the hiker to a medical centre in Benaojan, where he was later evacuated to Ronda Hospital.

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