Oliva artist hosts contemporary exhibition


THE MULTI-TALENTED artist, composer and writer Peter ‘BB’ Davis is to exhibit ‘Works’, a collection of his latest paintings at La Sala D’Exposicions de La Casa de La Cultura D’Oliva in June.

The exhibition will run from Saturday June 3 to Saturday June 17 everyday between 11.00am – 1.30pm and 6.00pm – 9.30pm.

The grand opening event will take place on Friday June 2 from 7.00pm onwards.
Peter’s art mixes abstract painting with cut and pasted images. Speaking before the exhibition, Peter said, ‘For me it’s all about a certain kind of energy which expresses itself through the work, which then forms, of its own accord.’

‘In the paintings,’ Peter continues, ‘the images are often random, as for example in graffiti, which possesses a certain symmetry and are suggested by what they can add at any one time – fascinated as I am by graffiti and such as disposable magazine, advertising and newspaper ‘celeb’ and ‘filmic’ imagery, allied to the more visionary aspects of landscape. The images are de-constructed with thinners to take them back to the base before painting re-construction commences. Which can elicit many nuances.’

Peter’s passion for forging his own identity as a painter and visual artist in all its forms has since art school (MA Fine Art) remained throughout his career, Peter having exhibited in a variety of shows from the RA Summer Exhibition to individual exhibitions as well as selling private collections.

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