One in ten Brits have been victims of cyber fraud


RESEARCH OF over 10,000 consumers has revealed that one in ten people have been a victim of cyber fraud.

When asked what their biggest online safety concerns are, respondents cited a wide range of attacks from phishing emails to identity theft to card details being cloned, computers crashing, malware infected ads, PayPal accounts being hacked and also becoming victims of ransomware.

Protecting against the theft of personal information was cited by 87 per cent as their biggest online security concern. 69 per cent of respondents also flagged up concerns about phishing emails pretending to be from reputable companies as a significant worry.

The loss of banking information concerned 72 per cent of respondents while a further 67 per cent flagged up ransomware as of particular concern. Unsurprisingly though, a large 84 per cent simply don’t want their computers infected by viruses when they go online.

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