Orihuela road resurfacing


WORK HAS begun during the last week, to resurface the roads of Orihuela town, as the first of a four phase programme taking place across the next few weeks.

This first phase is being carried out in areas where there are serious shortcomings in the pavements and walkways and where road traffic is busiest at peak times.
The initial work will take in the public streets of Salvador Dalí in the area of PAU3 and the street Carretera de Villamartín.

The city councillor for beaches of the city of Orihuela, Luisa Boné, has advised that if everything goes as planned, these works are expected to be completed in two weeks and the cost of this asphalting is €60,303.01 (IVA included) on an area of 6,540 m2.

“The work to be carried out is the renewal of the surface with an asphalt agglomerate and the application of a compacted base layer. Then, where necessary, the manhole covers will be raised and the road markings, which will disappear due to the asphalting of the new road surface, will be renewed” Luisa Boné said.

The next resurfacing phase will start approximately a week after the initial phase is complete.

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