Over 63 million euros for Murcian school dinners


FIGURES ANNOUNCED by the Murcian Government this week, reveal that the ministry of education will spend 65.4€ million on providing subsidised meals and transport for children within the region over the next school year.

They have allocated a total of 63,843,000 euros towards free or subsidised school lunches for qualifying families.

In addition they will spend an further 1,633,510 euros on free and subsidised school buses, which they estimate benefit 60,000 pupils in the region.

This year the ministry have made amendments to the application systems for receiving grants regarding subsidised school meals and transport for all sectors of education from primary through to further education.

The application deadline for the next school year is next Thursday June 1, but the parents of children who already qualified for the subsidies during the last school year, will not have to complete a new application.

Instead, for the first time, they only have to prove that their economic circumstances are unchanged since their previous application was accepted and the quicker enrollment can be processed within the schools where the children are currently educated.

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