Parking fines of €200 in Les Roques


IN MARCH, the prohibition of parking in the narrow streets of the Les Roques neighbourhood came into force and all parking was restricted to residents-only.

Residents were warned they could only continue to park their cars with a card, which could be obtained at a cost of €14 from La Oficina de Atencion al Publico with proof of address etc.

The Local Police recently put out warnings on social media reminding residents of the restriction, as an increasing number of unauthorised cars were being found parked in the neighbourhood.

After the initial less-stringent warnings and an avalanche of unauthorised cars continually being parked, especially by tourists over the Easter period, the police have now gone full-force in imposing penalties.

The penalties are heavy, at €200, reduced to €100 if paid promptly.

The council considers that drivers who are not residents of Les Roques are still made suitably aware of the restrictions given there is a sign at the beginning of L’avenida del Cid, the main access road.

However, tourists have argued that the sign is too small and the parking spaces in the neighbourhood are white, which in any other city means they are open to all.

The debate continues.

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