Pervert identified by his own photos


A 57-YEAR-OLD step-father who allegedly sexually assaulted his partner’s underage daughter on the Costa del Sol, has been identified by photos showing the backs of his hands.

The man had allegedly drugged the girl with powerful sedatives and sleeping tablets before abusing her. She had very little recollection of the crimes, however, because of the medication she had been given. The abuse only came to light after her mother found photographs of her daughter naked and asleep while cleaning the house.

She called in the police who interviewed the girl’s step-father, who was in prison in Jaen for other crimes. They photographed his hands and criminologists were then able to confirm the hands shown in the photos were the man’s by their interphalangeal joints; the first time a crime has been solved in this way.

As the man is already in prison, the prosecution has denounced him as a suspect and are not seeking jail time.

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