Police fear Blue Whale game in girls’ suicide bid


NATIONAL POLICE in Murcia have seized computers and mobile phones belonging to two young girls from Molina del Segura who they believe entered into a suicide pact as part of the sinister online ‘Blue Whale’ game.

As the investigation is under way, information is limited as the girls were not even teenagers.

All the investigating officers, working for the GRUME childrens unit, were able to reveal is that the two girls were both under the age of 12 and appeared to have entered into a suicide pact.

Both the girls had superficial cuts to their arms, however sources close to their school suggested they had talked to their classmates about their intention to commit suicide.

As the self harm had occurred on more than one occasion, a teacher at the school, following Ministry of Education protocol brought it to the attention of higher authorities, who subsequently informed police, social services and the children’s families.

When questioned separately, the girls both admitted they were aware of the ‘Blue Whale’ phenomenon, even at their young age.

Little is known about the sinister game which surfaced in Russia in 2013 as it is conducted through closed groups on facebook and other social media sites.

It reportedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge allegedly requiring the player to commit suicide.

Photos have emerged via the internet of mostly young girls being set challenges to carve the figure of a blue whale onto their skin in a series of stages.

Murcian Investigators and social services professionals will now analyse the phones, tablets and computers seized from the girls homes and interview other family members to determine the reasons behind their actions.

They were both living in extended families and had regular access to computers and other devices without supervision.

The Murcian Ministry of Education issued a statement saying that as yet, there has been no evidence that the ‘Blue Whale’ game has entered the classrooms of the region.

Whilst the investigation continues the police have issued a warning to parents to be aware of the phenomenon and to monitor their young and teenage childrens online behaviour as closely as possible.

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