Police thwart suicide attempt


POLICE HAVE saved the life of a suicidal man who had tried to hang himself in his home in El Morche, Axarquia.

The officers burst into the 43-year-old’s home after receiving a frantic call from his wife, who was in Cordoba and feared for her husband’s mental state. They entered the property seconds after the man stepped off a chair with a noose around his neck. An officer quickly caught the man, preventing him from suffocating.

The man had apparently wanted to take his life following marriage problems. He had called his wife, who was away from her, saying he wanted to kill himself. She in turn called Torrox police, fearing she would be unable to reach her husband in time.

The man is now being treated at the Comarcal Hospital in Axarquia. His wife has expressed her gratitude to the police for saving her husband.

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