Residents complain about foreign woman and her dog


RESIDENTS OF Calle Esperanto, Malaga, have contacted the press, claiming a foreign woman has been living there in her car with a dog for several months.

A local has written a letter explaining, “since last December, a strange vehicle has been parked on Calle Esperanto, in a busy area, creating a bad image and endangering the life of the occupant.”

He adds, “it is a foreign registered vehicle, whose owner, as I have seen, has a dog and lives, sleeps, eats and cooks in the car.” He says he is concerned the woman will start a fire by cooking in the vehicle.

Other neighbours have been more forgiving, however, with one commenting, “she does not bother me. On the contrary, I feel very sorry for the unfortunate situation of this foreigner.”

Residents have apparently contacted Local Police, but the woman is said to drive off when she sees patrol vehicles approaching.

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