AVOI association in Malaga needs your help!


AVOI IS an association of voluntary workers from Malaga who, since 1993, have been helping children in the hospital.

The association is made up of approximately 150 volunteers who, day-in day-out, amuse and entertain the children and their families with games, workshops and activities.

The association also arrange excursions for the children to enjoy time with others who are going through similar treatment.

AVOI’s aim is simple:
• To make the children’s stay in hospital more enjoyable, through games, workshops and activities.
• To transform the vision of a hospital where education, culture and social coexistence converge.
• To ensure that children are not afraid of the hospital environment.
• To promote workshops for parents.
• To organise excursions.
• To train volunteers to make their work as effective as possible for the children.
• To collaborate closely with the hospital to provide an excellent quality of service.

AVOI are currently working on a big project as they propose to build a new bone marrow transplant chamber for the Malaga Hospital Children’s Oncology Ward.

They plan to completely refurbish the isolation chambers, creating a new, child-friendly environment in which all the children can feel at home or, at least, comfortable throughout their stay (which, for a transplant patient, usually averages at around 21 days).

AVOI  have already started organising various events to raise funds for the project – on June 3, 30 parties will be celebrated across 30 different towns in Malaga with the theme ‘’VERBENAVOI SONRISAS POR BANDERA’.

To get involved or for more information, please get in touch with Marta: 629 437 854 – [email protected] or Eva: 616 203 069 – [email protected].

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