EMAUS Association for the vulnerable needs YOUR help!


THE EMAUS Association is a non-profit association that currently serves over 100 children under the protection of the Generalitat Valenciana, women victims of gender violence and people with functional diversity. In addition, the EMAUS Association also manages a senior centre which houses over 70 elderly residents.

The EMAUS Association urgently needs your help, TODAY.

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The lives of all in the EMAUS homes and the ladies and their children in the women’s shelter are now seriously threatened.

The EMAUS Association declared bankruptcy just over two years ago after the former managers accumulated a debt of €5 million to Social Security. The interlining debt of the whole group amounts to €21 million. The workers have continued to campaign for the residents despite being owed nine pay checks.

The judge who runs the creditors’ contest has given the association until next Wednesday to activate the ERE.

If another company does not purchase the EMAUS Association, the Conselleria will proceed to relocate residents, splitting up family units and taking vulnerable people away from those who know and understand their personalities and needs.

Fundraising has continued through these two extremely challenging years as various charities have fought to keep the residents where they are ‘at home and loved’.

Hundreds of residents across the Marina Alta have donated their time, effort and money – to provide food, clothes and school equipment amongst many more essential items year-on-year.

The workers have initiated a change.org petition –

‘Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social: Que los menores de los centros tutelados de la Asociación EMAUS permanezcan en las Marinas’ (‘That the minors of the protected centres of the EMAUS Association remain in the Marinas’).

If this petition is successful and the Spanish government condone the debt with Social Security, a Catalan company interested in the entire EMAUS group can purchase the association.

The Spanish government have set precedent in this regard before, bailing out banks and footballs teams and with your help, the EMAUS Association will receive the support it so rightly deserves.

So, don’t delay, sign the petition today and share it amongst your friends, family and colleagues.

Every signature matters.


The petition will be given to:

  • Ministry of Employment and Social Security
  • Conselleria Politiques Inclusives of the Valencian Community

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