The perfect shave


SOMETIMES IT’S tough being a man. Pressures from family, work, friends and social media sites can leave us feeling confused about our role in life.

How to dress? Do we need to lose weight? Are we sensitive enough to our partners? Are we too sensitive with our mates? And the perennial male dilemma…..How do we get a six-pack?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

You are now reading our new RTN Men’s Health Column.

Every week, we’ll cover subjects which affect us men in our daily lives, not only health related, but also covering relationships and work issues.

First off this week, we’re looking at a subject that causes a lot of daily grief, not of course for those of us who have beards, but for men who prefer a smooth, stubble free face.

Here are a few tips on how to get that perfect shave.

EXFOLIATE – Shaving removes up to two layers of dead skin cells, which is brilliant exfoliation for the skin as dead skin cells, combined with oil and dirt on the skin surface can cause blocked pores.

Warm the skin before shaving to open the pores and consider using a shaving brush to spread shave crème evenly and to lift the hairs. Most importantly, always shave with the growth of the hair, never against.

CLEANSE – After exfoliation, it is important to deep cleanse with a face wash containing tea tree oil and witch hazel, with their anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This helps to calm any redness and irritation post shaving.

Finish by rinsing the skin with cold water to close the pores.

TONE – Men have more active sebaceous glands than women, meaning we often have better nourished skin than women. However the natural oils produced can also block pores.

A toning product is key to reducing the levels of oil on the skin. Key ingredients to look out for are Kaolin Clay and Witch Hazel which are both great for removing excess oil.

MOISTURISE – The face is exposed to all kinds of elements, which can swiftly result in a loss of moisture in the skin. Moisturising is therefore a key step in the shave/skincare routine.

Go for a good quality, unscented product, always applied with clean hands massaging the cream gently into the skin.

Fill a small travel container with your favourite moisturiser for re-applying during the day, as your skin dries out after exposure to the elements.

Now, if these easy to follow tips don’t keep your facial skin feeling as soft as a baby’s backside we don’t know what will.

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