The Walking Dead invade Los Alcazares


THE STREETS of Los Alcazares will be a place to avoid this weekend unless you enjoy being pursued by gangs of zombies after your blood.

The extremely popular ‘Zombie Night’ has already taken place in 25 locations throughout the country over the last year, with over 15,000 happy participants enjoying the fun and blood curdling laughter so far and now it is arriving in los Alcazares.

The event starts at 23.00h on this coming Saturday May 27 at the Town hall in Avenida de la Libertad, when the game players must decide whether they wish to be a ‘zombie’ for the night or a ‘survivor’.

Participants who wish to be ‘survivors’ need to register between 20.30h and 22.00h, whilst the ‘zombies’ registration time is from 21.30h to 22.00h.
Make up and body paint to ensure the zombies look as undead as possible, will be supplied by the organisers and included in the ticket price.
Throughout the night, participants, divided between zombies and survivors, will tour the main streets of the municipality and must survive, through various tests, until evacuated.

The goal of the game is for survivors to remain uncaptured by the zombies and to pass tests which will help them find the vaccines that will enable them to survive.

The first to finish all the tests and to arrive at the destination at 05.30h on Sunday morning, will be the final survivor to be evacuated and consequently crowned the overall winner.
Event organisers, Eventos Zombies LZD, have seen the ‘Zombie Night’ phenomenon spread quickly through Spain with huge success and see it as a fantastic opportunity for towns holding the events to bring new visitors.

They envisage the event in los Alcazares will bring a huge number of participants to the town from across the whole region, boosting the local economy and encouraging people to pursue an alternative entertainment where drugs and alcohol are banned.

The event aims to be recognized as the best ‘Real Game’ in Spain and is a game suitable for all ages (between 10 and 99 years).

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times over 18 years of age.
Whilst minors under 18 must carry an authorization signed by the parents with a photocopy of ID of the parent or guardian who signs.

Authorization sheets and full details of the ticket prices and how to enter are available on the organisers website

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