Young killer jailed for 20 years


A YOUNG man has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for stabbing and killing another boy in Benalmadena in May 2014.

The assailant had attacked his victim after a fight broke out between several young men in the town in the early hours of the morning.

The killer did not get involved in the fight, however, instead hanging back and only striking once those brawling were injured.  The jury found he then “suddenly” stabbed his victim in the neck from behind before knifing one other man as well.

The perpetrator ran off, but was quickly apprehended by police, who arrested him and, on searching him, found a razor blade concealed between his buttocks.

The convicted, who was a drug addict, has never offered an explanation why he stabbed the men without provocation. He was sentenced to 16 years in jail for murder of the boy he knifed in the neck, who died of his injuries after several days in hospital.  The assailant also received four years for assault on the other man he stabbed, who spent 50 days in hospital recovering from his injuries.

He was also ordered to pay €100,000 in compensation to the deceased’s parents, and €8,768 to his other victim.

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