Zombie Apocalypse in La Nucia


NEXT MONTH the town of La Nucia will be invaded by a bunch of Zombies roaming the streets searching for survivors.

On ‘Zombie Night’, participants will take part in a series of tests, races and chases over six and a half hours, to see who wins the ultimate title.
The highly popular event, which takes place on Saturday June 17, from 23.00h has already been run in 35 towns and cities throughout the country, including neighbouring town Altea and attracts hundreds of participants.

Those who enter into ‘Zombie Night’, must choose to play either a ‘zombie’ or a ‘survivor’, thereafter they will tour the main streets of the town from 23.00h to 05.30h during these nocturnal hours, they must participate in an ‘invasion’ of various buildings and public spaces.
The players must survive all night on the streets of the town completing various tests, until being evacuated.

The first one to finish all the tests and remain as the’ last survivor standing’ and final evacuee will be the winner.

Through the darkened night time streets of La Nucia, the zombies will roam in groups or alone, searching for survivors to infect with the ‘virus’.

The town becomes a ‘reality’ set with scenes of races, chases, and searches for clues, where the adrenaline will run as fast as the ‘virus’ that participants must avoid getting infected with.

The object for the ‘survivors’ is to remain uninfected, however, once they are infected, they become a ‘zombie’ in search of the remaining survivors.

There will be between 15 and 20 tests to overcome throughout the night and the goal of the game is for survivors not to be captured by the zombies and pass the tests . In addition, they must locate the vaccines that will help them to survive.
‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is suitable for and open to all age groups (between 10 and 99 years).

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18, at all times.
Whilst minors under 18 must carry an authorisation document, signed by the parents with a photocopy of ID of the parent or guardian whose signature is on the document.

Tickets are priced at €20 for “survivor” and €10 for “zombies”. Make-up for zombies will be supplied and applied by the organisers, Events Zombies LZD (included in the price of entry).

The Tickets can be purchased in La Nucia at the Cafetería del Centro Juvenil or by contacting the Majorals 2017 (663 121 051). They can also be purchased online, along with authorization sheets for minors and full information at www.lastdayzombie.com.

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