15-month-old baby bitten on face by dog


A DOG attacked a 15-month-old baby in Alcantrilla last Saturday night.

At around 11.00pm, the baby’s parents sat down to dinner at their friend’s house and the baby played on the floor nearby with the dog – a Labrador and not classified as a dangerous breed.

Jhon Guarnizo Campoverde, the baby’s father told the Spanish press: ‘The dog belongs to my friends and has always been very docile, we have visited my friends at their home on numerous occasions and my child has always played with the dog without any trouble at all’.

He continued: ‘We do not know what happened, my son was sitting next to the dog when it bit him’.

‘We saw the dog jump on him and bite him. We were in shock’.

‘My friend quickly pushed the dog away’.

The father called an ambulance but in the seriousness of the situation, a neighbour took the family to the Alcantarilla-Casco Health Centre.

The baby suffered two bites on his right cheek and many wounds on his left, along with a small nose bone breakage.

The National Police have opened an investigation to clarify exactly what happened.

The baby’s father said: ‘My friends do not know what to do with their dog because they have two children and the dog has never attacked them’.

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