15 years in prison for man who broke restraining order and killed ex-wife


FRANCISCO JOSE Navarro, the man who broke his restraining order and killed his ex-wife as she slept in her Denia home has been sentenced to 15 years and nine months in prison by the Court of Alicante.

Found guilty of murder, he was also ordered to pay €150,000 compensation to the victim’s daughter and €45,000 to the victim’s mother.

The court heard how the murderer went to the victim’s home in the early hours of May 15 last year and stabbed her in the neck with a 14-centimetre knife as she slept.

The victim had no chance of survival and died shortly afterwards having suffered a haemorrhage.

The murderer had previously appeared in court in December 2014 on charges of domestic violence toward the victim. He was sentenced to 50 days community service and handed a 16-month restraining order preventing him from approaching her.

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