5,000kg of rubbish collected from streets of La Paz


THE DEPARTMENT of Development, led by Roque Ortiz and road cleaning contractors, Ferrovial Services, ran a special campaign on Monday, collecting more than 5,000 kilograms of scrap, debris and other bulky items in the neighbourhoods of La Paz.

From sunrise, five workers, three open box trucks and two vans with a capacity of 7m3 patrolled the areas surrounding Avenida de la Fama, Primero de Mayo, Pablo VI and La Paz.

Amongst the collected scrap, debris and items were barbecues, doors, panels, shopping trolleys and various appliances.

The collection was followed by the regular cleaning of the areas, which is carried out six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.

The collection of goods is carried out three times a week.

Everything collected was transferred to the Canada Hermosa site to be separated and classified before being sent on to recycling plants.

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