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FUENGIROLA’S COUNCIL has created a mobile recycling points in an effort to make it easier for locals to recycle toxic and hazardous waste.

The scheme, which will see the bins brought to a different area of the town each Thursday aims to stop the uncontrolled dumping of waste and manage special waste that cannot be disposed of in household rubbish. Items covered will include paints, varnishes, solvents, tyres, batteries, oil, fluorescent bulbs, medicines, household appliances, computer equipment, printer cartridges and photocopiers.

Pedro Vega, Councillor for Cleaning, has been working closely with Maria Jesus Pascual, Councillor for Cleaning, to start the initiative, explaining, “the council has been working towards this for many years, coordinating both departments.” He continued, “Fuengirola has always led the way on the environment and sets an example followed by many other towns on the Costa del Sol when it comes to promoting and facilitating recycling for all residents,” adding, “a few years ago we took the big step of installing a mobile recycling point in the fairground.”

He explained, “we thought it would be interesting to now move the mobile recycling service to some of the furthest points of the town.” Meanwhile, Maria Jesus Pascual, explained, “the objective of the scheme, which is a priority for the mayor and council, is to look after the environment and change the mentality of residents. In that respect Fuengirola has always led the way.”

She added, “the first Thursday of each month the recycling point will be located at in the El Boquetillo market, the second Thursday of every month will be in the Miramar health centre, the third Thursday in Plaza Suomi de Los Pacos, while on the fourth it will be at the entrance of the Parque de las Presas in Torreblanca.” She concluded by congratulating “the people of Fuengirola, because we have our residents to thank for the amount of waste collected and recycled in our town.”

Environmentally friendly: Pedro Vega and Maria Jesus Pascual launch the scheme

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