A special woman who helps street children


HAVING lived most of her working life in Yorkshire, Anna McKann spent more than 20 years involved in childcare but now passes a lot of time in Spain.

For 18 years she has shared her time between the UK and Spain, firstly in Calahonda before taking on two Spanish properties one in La Cala de Mijas and the other in Almeria which is quieter (and cheaper) where she ‘hides’ herself for July and August.

The mother of two and grandmother of three loves Spain because of the ambience, fresh sea air, climate most of the year and the Mediterranean diet and says that in her heart she feels Spanish.

Also in this caring woman’s heart was the realisation that there were street children around the world who had nothing and the call of God took her to Mexico where she discovered for herself the terrible life that many young and abandoned children lived and vowed to do something to help as many as she could.

The plight of the children persuaded her to set up her own self-publishing operation Sharon House as well as a charity RCC International which takes profits from the books she writes and uses the income to support street children.

Now, with a number of books produced under the generic Hispanic word Chavos – which refers to the very young – her novels tell the story of a young street girl and her adventures.
Anna uses her time in Almeria to write her books in peace and solitude and she also has an ambition to see her work reach an even wider audience.

“I have just adapted one of my books for stage and as I am a great musical theatre fan, have been working with some fab musicians. The plan is to find a suitable theatre and get this production released in 2018 on the coast” she proudly told RTN, continuing “It will be a mostly young people cast so I will be speaking with some of the performing arts schools out here. There is plenty of young talent, I’m sure of that.”

As her company expands, helping other authors to publish and promote their own children’s book, so she has been able to increase her staffing so that they can also develop more products based on the Chavos stories.

Anna is eager to inspire others through her charity work and regularly visits schools to speak to children about a variety of issues including abandonment, street life, drugs usage and the importance of friendship.

Still anxious to work with children in Spain she has teamed up with the Kids on the Costa Magazine and Marbella Life Style Rtv to launch a children’s creative writing competition on the coast. #inspiringcostakids

For details of all of the Chavos books and the creative writing competition make sure that you visit www.sharonhousepublishing.com especially as schools are about to break up and children may well be looking for inspiration.

As a member of Costa Women, Anna thinks that the concept created by Ali Meehan is a very useful one and helps to create a closer community.

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