Alicante cannabis farm dismantled


NATIONAL POLICE from Alicante recently apprehended nine people, seven men and two women, aged between 18 and 36, plus three children, all of Spanish nationality for drug trafficking and in the process were able to shut down one of the black spots where drugs were being sold in the north of the city.

The subsequent search, uncovered more than 200 marihuana plants, a firearm with 36 bullets and two air rifles.

Suspicions were aroused over the abandoned building after neighbours reported lots of movement and the Police considered the house contained a plantation of some drug which was then being distributed. A special task force then confirmed the facts.

Police officers set up a surveillance operation in a nearby building, monitoring movement to and from the property and concluded that the gang had installed advanced high security systems which were discreetly in place in an attempt to avoid detection by the Police.

Officers were able to confirm that the marihuana was being distributed locally and daily to feed the addicts demands.

During the search of the abandoned property, the agents dismantled the plantation discovered in the basement, which had been fully equipped with all the necessary elements favourable to plant growth.

The agents confiscated at least 200 plants of 150cm high and acorns weighing about 50 kilos plus the dangerous weapons.

The investigation was carried out officers from the Northern station of the national Police, who three days later, detained another Spaniard, aged 44, captured for drug trafficking.

The agents noted the transaction taking place inside a night club, after which, they searched the building and confiscated 15 grams of hashish, six grams of cocaine and half a gram of speed.

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