Alicante toddler dies in balcony fall


NATIONAL POLICE in Alicante City have ruled out foul play in the circumstances surrounding the death of a two and a half year old boy last Saturday evening.

The toddler fell from the fourth floor balcony of an apartment belonging to a friend of his mother, where they had stayed overnight on Friday, to attend the graduation ceremony of the friend’s teenage daughter.

The friend, 38, lives in the apartment with her eighteen year old daughter and ten year old son, who is diagnosed with autism.

The boy had been in a play room with the ten year old, whilst his mother had been in the sitting room with the friend, when he ran through the apartment on to a balcony, containing a toy box.

The boy is alleged to have climbed onto the box, whereupon, he lost his balance and fell four floors to his death below.

Police are treating the death as a tragic accident, probably caused by the toddler’s unfamiliarity with his surroundings in the apartment.

However, a police spokesperson also revealed that an hour and a half before the accident occurred, they had received a call complaining of items being thrown from the balcony of the same apartment, which is located in an area next to Alicante General hospital.

On investigation, they discovered a skateboard belonging to the ten-year-old, which they adjudged to be the offending article, but the spokesman also said they are not linking this incident to the death of the boy.

National Police officers have interviewed all occupants of the house at the time of the accident, apart from the victim’s thirty seven year old mother, who was too upset to make a statement.

The investigation remains open until the interview takes place within the next couple of days.

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