Trams could return to the Costa del Sol


TRAMS are set to return to the Costa del Sol after Velez Malaga’s Council is considering striking a deal with transport company, Travelsa, to reinstate the town’s service after five years.

The news comes after a report by the Court of Auditors criticised the line, saying its planning was “insufficient.” It also identified “practices that were not in accordance with the principles of equality, objectivity, transparency and economy in the management of public funds.”

The report also said in the initial transport contract from 2005, “no negotiations were carried out with the companies participating in the tender, as would have been mandatory,” and that contracts were amended to “benefit the tenderer.”

The town’s Mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, has dismissed the criticisms, saying the report “does not detect illegalities so will not affect” the tram. He claimed the line was still a priority for the council and they are considering rescinding their contract with transport provider Travelsa to free up funds.

He explained, “all options are open, nothing is ruled out. Two weeks ago we last met with the concessionaire to assess the draft agreement sent by the Junta de Andalucia to contribute 40% of the transport service’s deficit and next week we have another meeting.”

He continued the report, “does not verify illegalities but simple administrative irregularities, which are they have found because they are looking at decisions made years ago and applying current laws.”

A spokesman for opposition party, Partido Popular, Francisco Delgado, called the repost “scandalous”, however, and says it justified his party’s decision to close the line five years ago.

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