App of the week: ‘quik’


EVERYONE HAS dozens or even hundreds of photos and videos just sitting in their camera roll for weeks or months.

Photo and video apps can turn those images and videos into something worth sharing, but there are so many apps to choose from.
Quik is relatively new and works with photos and videos captured with your GoPro, phone or other device.

To get started, open the app. Quik searches for, analyses and imports videos and photos from your device into a video timeline. It adds transitions and music and hey presto, you have a music video.

You can change the style to match the type of video you want. Similar to filters in Instagram and photo apps, the style choices change the stock music, graphics and transitions. Grammy is a style similar to movies, Beauty gives the video an old-movie feel while Flick is in the style of tossing the photos and videos onto a table.

You have several choices of stock music to choose from, or you can import your own music from your phone.

Once the director (you) is satisfied you can export it to your camera roll or share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Quik is available for iOS and Android.

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