App of the week: ‘Sortly’


IT’S A problem most of us have: accumulating too much stuff and forgetting where all of it is. Keep track of your belongings with this week’s RTN App of the Week.

The Sortly app helps users organise all of their stuff, so whether it’s junk in the garage or valuables in storage, you know what you have and where it is.

Take a photo of each item you want to keep track of and label it. Sortly allows you to organise items in different folders so you can quickly locate what you need.

Moving house? Use Sortly to organise your things and create codes for each box, so when you’re looking for a specific item after moving in, you don’t have to go tearing through every box to find it.

You can also use Sortly to keep track of your valuables for insurance purposes, organise your collectibles, or keep an inventory for your small business.

So, if you need help turning clutter to clarity, check out the Sortly app today.

Sortly is available for iOS and as a web app. They’re currently working on an Android version.

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