Archaeological discovery in Mijas


ARCHAEOLOGISTS have broken ground at the site of the Costa del Sol’s proposed “Great Park,” seeing if they can find any Roman treasures.

Mijas’s Mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and the Councillor for Heritage, Fuensanta Lima, also visited the site to try to find any remains on the plot which will become a cultural highlight on the Costa del Sol.

Maldonado, “we will be valuing the remains that we find to work out their cultural importance. This is the next step in creating what will be the largest park in Malaga… a recreational area for the whole family where residents have a say in what they want the space to look like.”

The area being tested occupies around 16,000 square meters. As it is a protected area near the site of Finca de Acevedo, it is expected Roman remains may be found.

Fuensanta Lima commented, “this work is very important because we will be able to protect the heritage of Mijas and Andalucia. We are working with the Andalusian Institute of Geophysics and with the Junta de Andalucia, which is speeding up the process because every move we make must be authorised by the Junta.”

For his part, the technician responsible for the work, Juan Jose de la Rubia, explained “the work is divided into two phases.” The first is magnetic geophysical prospecting to obtain preliminary information to see if there are buried walls and then from there a radar survey will determine with much greater accuracy the existence of any archaeological remains. The work is expected to take around two weeks, depending on the results from the second stage of testing.

The project is employing 15 workers who are on basic income. Councillor Laura Moreno, said, “they are doing everything manually because you cannot use heavy machinery to get samples, which would damage or erode the land.”

The “Great Park” is a project which would see the Costa del Sol’s largest park used for recreation, sports, nature events and tourism. Mijas’s Council has encouraged locals to suggest what they would like the park to include by emailing [email protected] They are also encouraging children to send in drawing of what they would like the park to look like.

According to Maldonado, “we still don’t know what the park will look like but it will certainly be the creation of the people of Mijas.”

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