Ask the Optician: Contact lenses


Q: I have relied on glasses for years and want to try contact lenses, but am worried I might not be able to wear them. What do you recommend?
A: Soft contact lenses are the most popular type, as they are very pliable therefore easy to get used to and comfortable to wear. They cannot be dislodged very easily from the eye and they give excellent all round vision so they are ideal for sport. Your optician will show you how to insert and remove them, which is easy once you know how.

Q: I want to try contact lenses for the first time. What different types are available?
A: You can choose from daily disposable lenses which you throw away every day and replace with a new pair, or monthly disposable lenses which last a month but need to be cleaned and stored in solution over night. Now there are even all day-all night lenses you can sleep in. Varifocal wearers can be fitted with daily or monthly disposable contact lenses and those with astigmatism can benefit from daily or monthly disposable toric lenses.

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