Attention to detail and customer focus


OUR initial reservation about advertising in another publication was almost immediately disparaged as we realised the impact that advertising in the RTN had.

The direct question and answer format allows us to reach a larger expat market and answer specific questions that affect real people.

The RTN also provides us with a fantastic forum by which we can continue, as independent lawyers, barristers and accountants to provide up to date information on issues that affect the local expat community.

The professionalism of the newspaper and all of the team who work at the RTN reflects the professionalism of our own business with the attention to detail and customer focus.

There is a real can do attitude with all of the staff which makes a refreshing change.

Thank you RTN for your time, your passion and for helping us help to help your readers.

We have not seen this type of interaction with other advertising/marketing campaigns.

Internationl lawyers and Tax advisers

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