Awards for the elderly in Fuengirola


OVER 500 older residents have received diplomas for getting involved in this year’s series of council-run workshops in Fuengirola.

The town’s Mayor, Ana Mula, handed out the certificates at the Salon Real in an event which demonstrated the success of Fuengirola Council’s programme of activities for all ages.

The free workshops put on for older residents included crafts, oil painting, regional dance classes, ballroom dancing, digital photography, introduction to English language, literacy classes as well as IT classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

The courses were taught at a variety of centres around Fuengirola, including Puebla Lucia, Los Pacos, Elola and Los Boliches, giving older residents the opportunity to get to know other areas of the town as well as learning new activities.

Ms Mula explained, “the truth is it is exciting to see that our older people have a restlessness and desire to get involved in all our activities and it fills us with joy seeing that they feel like trying something new, having fun, getting involved, learning and training,” adding, “we are very impressed that those who might otherwise become isolated instead decide to paint, do crafts, learn English or computer science… and that is a reason to celebrate and also an incentive to continue to offer these activities.”

She continued, “prioritising our older residents in the best investment any council can make, which is why we put on more activities and new initiatives every year to encourage them to take part, because it is not enough just to organise them, we have to get people involved too.”

Those who took part in this year’s workshop will automatically have a place reserved for next year, and the list of those who have been admitted onto the next round will be published in Puebla Lucia on 18 July. Those not automatically enrolled can register until 7 September.

The Council’s Department for Older People is the one of the most active local government areas, offering free workshops without a waiting list in areas including tai chi, art, dancing and crafts.

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