Antonio Banderas urged to reconsider Malaga culture centre project


FIFTY-FIVE artists, writers and composers have signed a letter asking actor Antonio Banderas to reconsider his decision to quit the Astoria culture centre project planned for Malaga.

The Hollywood star had initially been behind the project until backing out after reportedly being “insulted” by opposition party politicians.

A group from the art world, led by Malaga composer Antonio Meliveo, have now called on the actor, who was born in the city, to “reflect, have a little patience and return to the path of enlightenment”. They also expressed their “frustration” at the project’s demise.

They explained it would “provide a first-class cultural building for performing arts in Malaga,” adding behaviour by politicians had been “predictable,” echoing Voltaire’s statement, “Spaniards only know how to do three things; love, fight and act the fool.”

They have “affectionately” asked organisers to reconsider their decision and continue with the building.

The proposed multi-million-euro project would see the dilapidated Astoria and Victoria cinemas transformed into cultural centres providing directing courses, as well as music and dance workshops.

Banderas sensationally quit the initiative after reportedly believing party Ciudadanos was uninterested in the centres, and Eduardo Zorilla of Izquierda Unida had been unfairly critical.
In response, Zorrilla said he “never insulted Banderas” and treated him with “utmost respect.”

He claimed the star wanted to “make him into one of his movie villains. Zorro and the Zorrilla he could call it.” He added he did not believe the project was the best use for such a prime location.

Antonio Banderas has since commented he believes, “Malaga doesn’t have the right environment to develop this sort of project at this point in time.”

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