Volleyball school moves to beach


THE MUNICIPAL volleyball school has moved to the beaches of Calahonda to encourage enthusiasts to get involved in the sport.

Nuria Rodriguez, Councillor for Sport, explained the sessions will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm to 9pm, commenting, “for the third consecutive year we have moved volleyball classes to the beach. It is a good way to promote the sport during the summer months.”

The initiative has seen the collaboration of the Department of Beaches, which has supplied three tracks, dividing participants into different age categories. Isoil Perez, President of the Municipal School of Volleyball, said the change of terrain means players must change their techniques, explaining, “we change several aspects when working in sand. The ball is different… although the technique itself is similar, but you have to adapt it to the surface and contact with the ball. Another aspect is the formation, which changes to two plyers on two, which also benefits players when working on hard courts.”

Nuria Rodriguez has invited not only all locals, but also all the visitors who spend their summers in the area over an extended period, to come and have a go at the sport, which is even more fun on the beach. She concluded, “this activity is designed for anyone who wants to play sports on the beach, whether tourists or residents. They only have to go to the Department for Sports and register.”

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