Beniarbeig deadly dog owner charged with reckless homicide


THE COURT of Denia has charged the Dutch owner of the five Pitbull / Bullterrier cross dogs that mauled a 75-year-old man to death in Beniarbeig last year.

DNA results have returned confirming DNA found in the dogs is that of the deceased victim, Luis Angel Sala.

Angel Sala was attacked as he walked from his home to a small farm where he had an orchard in February last year.

His badly-wounded body was discovered by his son, who became worried when his father failed to return and decided to search for him.

Guardia Civil officers arrived at the scene and confirmed that Angel Sala had been killed by a group of dogs, since there were no dangerous wild animals in the area.

During interviews with local residents, the defendant admitted to owning five Pitbull/ Bullterrier crosses and although there were no traces of blood on the dogs, at least one was soaking wet.

The defendant claimed that the dog had fallen into his swimming pool, but further investigations revealed that the dogs were unlicensed and only one was micro-chipped.

The dogs were seized and placed in a local pound in Els Poblets, where they attacked a member of staff and destroyed their cage overnight.

The defendant, who refused to testify, was arrested last Thursday and has been charged with reckless homicide and animal abuse.

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