Book worms promote literacy


MIJAS’ Municipal Library has donated several books to the Association of Friends of the Saharawi People in an effort to promote literacy.

The batch, composed mainly of encyclopaedias, comes from donations from private users of the library. According to Councillor for Education, Hipolito Zapico, the donation is “a sign of the council’s commitment to promoting reading.”

The lot of eight books covers a variety of subjects including sports, geography, literature and history as well as a series of textbooks and children’s literature. Mr Zapico explained, “this donation is in addition to the other activities we put on to make these public spaces more accessible and attractive.”

The council have helped over 3,000 people through the Library “Dimanization” Plan which implements activities including gymkhanas, talks, storytelling and children’s theatre. Mr Zapico commented, “around 2,466 boys and girls benefitted from more than 100 programmed activities, as well as 187 young people and 679 adults.”

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