Boy loses both legs on Madrid Metro


A 13-year-old Morrocan boy lost both his legs from the tibia down on Sunday, after being run over by a Madrid Metro train on Line 1.

Early investigations report the boy was riding between two carriages while the train was in motion.

The incident took place at 8.00pm as the train pulled out of the Sierra de Guadalupe station, in the southeast of the city.

Security camera footage shows that the train had already closed its doors and was leaving the station when the boy climbed onto the link between two of the carriages.

Just several metres down, once the train was in a tunnel, the boy fell.

The train driver was not aware of the situation and continued out of the tunnel, running over the boy in the process.

Despite losing his legs, the boy managed to crawl off the tracks to safety – reaching a ventilation shaft and calling for help.

A pedestrian on the street heard the boy’s calls and alerted the emergency services immediately.

The boy was taken to La Paz hospital in a critical condition.

Medical sources told Spanish press on Monday that the boy was still being treated.

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