Boy travels from Morocco to Spain underneath a bus


A BOY travelled  230 kilometres from Morocco to Spain hanging underneath a bus, officials said on Monday, in another example of desperate measures taken by migrants to get to Europe.

Emergency services in Sevilla tweeted a video of the boy being led away from a bus they said came from Tangier, some 230 kilometres away, wearing a dirty white t-shirt.

They said he had been taken to hospital but was in good condition.

A police spokesman told global news agency AFP that the boy appeared to be Moroccan, but said he had been told the bus came from Tetouan, another Moroccan city even further away than Tangier.

“The bus arrived in Seville and as the driver went to let the passengers out, he noted something strange,” the spokesman said.

“He called the police and firefighters and they found the boy who was holding onto the bottom of the bus,” he added.

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