British stabbing fugitive David Grundy behind bars

MANHUNT: The photograph released by the Guardia Civil

THE FIFTY-three-year old British man at the centre of a five day Guardia Civil manhunt between Orihuela and Benidorm, has been jailed without bail.

Benidorm police arrested David Grundy after being alerted by a fellow Brit who had seen him drinking in a bar and contacted authorities.

He had recognised the fugitive from his photograph, which had received widespread circulation throughout the local media.

The local police officers apprehended Grundy around 03.30h last Sunday, when he returned to a car he had been sleeping in, parked outside the Aparthotel Bermudas in the Rincon de Loix area of the town.

He was wanted in connection with the stabbing of his partner at their home in Orihuela Costa last week.

The fugitive was pinned to the ground by the officers, with his trousers by his knees as they checked for weapons, before handcuffing him.

His attempts to evade justice came to a humiliating end as he was pictured face-down on the pavement with his boxer shorts showing.

The 53-year-old, from Bolton, looked bleary-eyed and sunburnt after officers sat him in the car he had been using while waiting for a police van to take him away.

Inside the vehicle, which belonged to neighbours of the fugitive, whose house he was looking after, the officers discovered clothes and 4600 euros in cash, which they believe he intended to use to leave the country.

He was later taken to the Guardia Civil station in Pilar de la Horadada after being detained by the Benidorm local police.

He had been missing since his partner, Nicola Anne Walker Houghton, was found with a knife embedded in her back at the home they shared in Orihuela.

Her daughter alerted police and paramedics after finding her mum lying on the floor with the large kitchen knife plunged into her back.

The victim, is still in hospital, in a condition described as ‘serious but stable’, after an operation to remove the weapon from her lower back.

Expat Grundy, who worked as a taxi driver and gardener, is understood to have been arrested as he returned to the stolen car.

Appearing in court in Orihuela, last Thursday, Grundy received a pre-trial sentence of homicide with gender assault and was detained in jail, without bail pending trial.

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