Children’s author has success with first illustrated book


HAVING spent much of her working life as an illustrator and agent for children’s fiction, Andréa Prior shares her time between homes in England and Marbella.

She grew up in Durham and from an early age was involved in a local Safari Park where she was a park ranger in Pet’s Corner looking after a number of exotic and not so exotic young animals goats, llamas, monkeys and pigs.

After obtaining a degree in illustration at Leeds University, Andréa followed a career in illustration whilst at the same time becoming an accomplished pianist before moving into children’s fiction and then managing director of a company in the branding and design industry.

Whilst relaxing at the her property above Marbella, she had been passing some of her time producing cute cartoon sketches and short rhymes about some of the animals that she had known over the years which she thought would make an ideal book for five to eight year olds for both enjoyment and to help them to learn to read.
Husband John encouraged Andréa to do more than think about putting the book together and discussions with UK publishers Troubador resulted in the publication of her first book A Parcel of Pigs and Other Funny ‘Tails’.

“My rhymes are written for those parents and children that love reading together,” comments Andréa. “The poems are a perfect way to help children develop their spelling, pronunciation skills and memory recall, whilst at the same time having fun with language by using word patterns and wordplay to help expand their vocabulary.”
Whilst she is in the process of working on that ‘second difficult book’, Andréa has been promoting her first book by visiting schools in the UK and Costa del Sol (speaking to more than 2,000 children so far) as well as undertaking a number of highly successful book signings with one of the busiest being at Bookworld Puerto Banus.

Joining the parcel of pigs in her book are a mountain of mice, a bumble of bees and a tumble of trees plus many other amusing and sometimes eccentric characters, but the author is determined that children will not only enjoy sharing the book with parents and friends but will also learn from a selection of easy questions at the end of each poem.
This is a delightful book written and illustrated by delightful author which is proving popular with children and parents alike.

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