Helping children to gain self-confidence and face the world


ONE local woman has made it her duty to help parents empower and support their children.

Move to Spain

Andrea Robson a former teacher and Head of School moved to La Cala de Mijas in August 2015 to be close to her family and to enjoy life in Spain.

She loves being an aunt, playing with two gorgeous little ones who she adores and it doesn’t matter if its football in the garden, telling stories or just hanging out being silly and a little noisy, that’s perfect for her.

Andrea says about La Cala “I love its Spanish feeling; the market twice a week, great atmosphere, restaurants and, of course, the beautiful beach and boardwalk, all coupled with an international flavour. I get a real sense of community here and feel very much at home.”

Lifetime of experience

Her experience as a teacher inspired her to coach children. “What inspired me most then, and still does, is enabling children to experience that magical light-bulb moment – when they ‘get it’ or make a connection that makes a real difference to them” , adding “It’s truly amazing to see children learn and watch them stretch their wings and fly without limits.”

“To truly know who they are and what they stand for is the greatest gift we can give children,” according to Andrea.

Empowering children

She is convinced that parents want their children to be empowered. They want their children to know how to handle themselves in tricky situations, to have key life-skills and to be confident, happy and resilient people.

This is easier said than done however and this is where coaching can really help. As ‘the kids coach’, she works with children and teenagers (and their parents) to create their own solutions to things that worry them or make them unhappy.

This means that children can implement actions they are comfortable with because they decided what they would be. They can’t change what has happened, nor the many things that happen around them. However, they can change how they manage their feelings and develop the tools to respond to situations in a more calm, positive and confident manner.

Andrea says “The same is true when we are faced with things that worry us or make us unhappy. I coach children, teens and parents to support them in solving or managing issues such as friendships, bullying, confidence, worrying about things, being aware of their own impact.

“I also support children and teens to learn key life-skills such as resilience, communication, making friends, learning how to learn and knowing who they are and how to be themselves in a very complex modern-day world.”

The kids coach

Last year, she trained to become a Certified and accredited Coach with the International Coach Federation and it was a fellow Costa Woman who bestowed the name, ‘the kids coach’ on her as she helped her friend’s granddaughter to gain confidence in herself.

Andrea was recently invited to Oslo to present four workshops at the Nordic Network Conference to 300 international teachers, based upon children’s self-esteem, thinking skills, positive relationships with parents, much of which is explained in her new book, Igniting a Passion for Learning in the Primary School.

At the moment, this skilled educator works with English speaking families organising workshops for parents based upon concerns such as bullying, too much screen-time, social media and peer pressure but she recognises that she will need to learn Spanish in order to extend her own boundaries and help local children.

Holiday ideas

She also has a timely new e-book which is all about fun, free and creative things to do over the summer holiday – both as a family and things for the kids to do so parents have a bit of downtime!

Costa Women

Asked about Costa Women, Andrea enthusiastically told RTN, “I am extremely proud to be part of @costawoman. Ali Meehan is a beacon of integrity, support, honesty, momentum, professionalism, kindness and compassion – for all of her 6000 Costa Women. It’s a social, collaborative and professional networking group who support one another and celebrate one another’s successes.”

Get in contact

If parents are worried about their children or teenagers, or they need some support they are welcome to get in touch with Andrea by emailing [email protected] or visiting her educational website


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