Couple arrested in Gata with 427 marijuana plants


A 40-YEAR-old Spanish man and a 20-year-old French woman were arrested on drug trafficking offences in Gata last week after Guardia Civil officers found 427 marijuana plants in their home.

The investigation first began just over three weeks ago after a report was filed with the Guardia Civil in El Verger regarding an unusual increase in visitors to a chalet bordering Gata de Gorgos.

Officers monitored the area and both the smell of marijuana that came from the chalet and the sound of the equipment inside was conspicuous.

They also detected that the electricity being supplied to the chalet was illegally hooked up to the streetlights and called in an engineer who confirmed this was the case.

Once the necessary evidence had been collected, officers entered the chalet together with the Citizen Security Unit (USECIA) of Calpe and found 427 marijuana plants, 27 heaters, 22 light transformers, six carbon filters, five air conditioners, fans, timers and humidity meters.

Also found were 28 grams of cocaine, 300 grams of marijuana buds, elements for distribution including scales, plastic bags and seals, an assortment of anabolic steroids and another 38 tablets of unknown substance currently being tested.

In the chalet, there were also two knuckledusters – considered a prohibited weapon, a bow with two metal arrows without a licence 44 ‘32 S & WL’ cartridges and a large knife.

The couple have been released pending trial.

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