Couple from Denia ‘brutally’ assaulted by two off-duty National Police officers


A COUPLE from Denia have spoken out about the ‘brutal’ assault they received at the hands of two off-duty National Police officers.

The revelation comes as the two unions serving the National Police of Denia called for industrial action on Thursday to demand the dismissal of the Chief Inspector of the Denia police station, Antonio Cabeza for his ‘incapacity and inefficiency’.

The victims, a lawyer and a semi-professional footballer, filed a complaint in the Court of Denia in January this year, reporting the police officers to have thrown the woman to the ground, grabbed her by the neck and slapped her – leaving her with bruises on her neck, chest, knee and back. The man suffered even more serious injuries, also thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly – he was unable to work for 55 days.

‘They were extremely violent – they had been involved in an altercation and then turned their attention to us. I begged them to leave us in peace, but they attacked us brutally’, the woman told the Spanish press.

She said they were helped by another off-duty National Police officer and two members of the public – who ran towards them causing the assailants to flee the scene.

‘Luckily, they came to help us, otherwise the police officers who attacked us could have left us disabled or killed’.

The witnesses identified the two assailants as national police officers.

Speaking to the Spanish press, the victims expressed their surprise that the officers continue to work for the force, having not been suspended.

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