Costa del Sol crutch killer jailed for 20 years


AN 85-YEAR-OLD woman found guilty of murdering her cancer-addled husband with a crutch on the Costa del Sol has been jailed for 20 years.

The woman, who claimed she did not recollect the incident in the town of Rincon de la Victoria, is now being encouraged to apply to the government for a pardon.

Jurors found the woman, whose husband had lung cancer and needed round the clock care, waited until family visitors had left before killing him with his own crutch and then cleaning and hiding the murder weapon.

During her trial, prosecutors asserted the woman waited until her husband was resting on a sofa, and, “unexpectedly, taking advantage of his helplessness, which prevented any effective defence, bludgeoned him.”

The woman was found to have hit her husband on the head and arms over 40 times, creating 22 head wounds and massive blood loss. The man entered a coma and died at Malaga’s Carlos Haya hospital the next day.

Police officers investigating initially believed the woman’s tale that her husband had fallen, but became suspicious when they found blood stains on his own crutch.

Sentencing the woman, the judge found the premeditated nature of the attack, the attempted coverup, as well as the abuse of trust of a wife murdering her husband were aggravating factors.

Questioned by lawyers during her trial, the woman claimed she now cannot remember the incident, suggesting burglars may have entered the property and attacked her husband but maintaining, “I did not hit him with a crutch.”


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